• Tuesday, Day 22/08/2023

    There are three main forms of energy used in industrial processes: electricity, direct heat, and steam.

    Electricity is used in various fields such as mechanical transmission, heating, and electrochemical reactions.

    Direct combustion energy is used to transfer heat directly from the fuel combustion to the production system.

    Steam is used for heating systems, pressure control, mechanical transmission and as a source of heat for many reaction processes.

    Steam has many advantages when used, so it is considered as an essential means of providing energy. These advantages such as low toxicity, easy transportability, high efficiency, high heat transfer capacity, and low operating costs compared to other energy alternatives. Steam contains an amount of energy that can be used to spin a turbine or heating system. Most of the steam's energy is used as latent heat because of its large amount of energy and constant temperature, useful and used for many heating systems.

    Steam is also used for many indirect heating systems such as heating for processing systems, dryers, steam methane improvement, and is used for important production pipelines in the factory. chemicals and oil refining. Some other applications of steam use to remove bad impurities in the production system, use for drying system.

    The many advantages of steam have been reflected in many industrial uses. 



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